Rib Double Jersey Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

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Double Jersey Jacquard Knitting Machine Supplier: Our fully electronic Rib Transferred knitting machine is designed to meet your needs. With a diameter range of 26-38 inches and a gauge of 12-22, it offers versatility in producing high-quality knitted fabrics. Operating at a speed of 12-18 R.P.M with a powerful 5.5W motor, this machine ensures efficient and precise knitting. Trust our reliable supplier for your knitting machine requirements.
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Product: Double Fully Electronic Computerized Rib Transferred Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Computerized Jacquard, Rib transferred, Double Jersey

Description: Factory 20 Years Experience Double Fully Electronic Computerized Rib Transferred Jacquard Fabric Circular Computerized Automatic Knitting Machine

Diameter: 26 - 38 Inch
Gauge: 12 - 22 Gauge
Speed: 12 - 18 R.P.M   
Motor Capacity: 5.5W
Available Material: Home textile, Fashion clothes, shoes fabric, etc.


By implementing a computerized control system, the machine allows for convenient pattern input via a U disk, enabling computerized needle selection. Additionally, it possesses a power-off memory function, ensuring ease of use. The pattern plate is user-friendly and straightforward. The machine guarantees stable and reliable synchronous transmission, creating a solid foundation for efficient loop transfer and high-speed rotation. It offers versatility, as it can be utilized to weave both rib transferred jacquard fabrics and simple rib jacquard fabrics. The resulting production finds extensive applications in the knitting of upscale cloth fabrics and decorative fabrics. By combining jacquard technology with transfer weaving, the machine becomes capable of producing full-width jacquard cloth of unlimited length and width.

Packaging Details

Wooden Packing, International Standard Exportable Sea worthy Packing.
Port: Xiamen, CHINA
Lead time: 35-45 days

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