Double Jersey Circular Fabric Knitting Machine

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High-Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Provider: We offer a wide range of high-speed double jersey circular knitting machines with diameters ranging from 8 to 44 inches, gauges from 6 to 40, and feeders options of 16 to 88 or 106. Our machines are capable of producing interlock fabrics, elastic health cloth, twill, air layer, double mesh, and high-class men's or women's apparel, among other products. Choose our knitting machines for efficient and precise knitting operations.
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Detail Infomation

Product: High Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Double Jersey, High speed

Description: 20 Years Factory Professional Top Quality Good Experience High Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

Diameter: 8 - 44 Inch
Gauge: 6 - 40 Gauge
NO.of Feeders: 16 - 88 Feeders/106 Feeders
Available Material: Interlock fabrics, elastic health cloth, twill, air layer, double mesh, hight-class men's or women's apparel, etc.


This machine is equipped with lower and upper dials that have a closed-track design, incorporating cams for knit, tuck, and miss stitches. The yarn feeder can be adjusted independently, enabling the knitting of elastic double jersey fiber by simply installing an additional Lycra attachment. This particular model is highly sought after due to its versatility in knitting various types of double jersey fabric. It offers stable performance and is interchangeable, allowing for easy conversion into a rib knitting machine.

Packaging Details: Wooden Packing, International Standard Exportable Sea worthy Packing.
Port: Xiamen, CHINA
Lead time: 35-45 days

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