Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

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Introducing our Double Jersey High Leg Circular Knitting Machine featuring a specially designed hydraulic roll cloth mechanism. Experience unparalleled precision with our accurate central lifting system, boasting an impressive accuracy of within 0.03 mm. Upgrade your knitting operations with this standardized, high-performance machine. Explore our range today!
Introducing our Double Jersey Velour Shearing Circular Knitting Machine Maker: available in sizes ranging from 26 to 34 inches and featuring a gauge selection of 14 to 28. With a wide range of feeders, from 42 to 54, this machine is perfect for creating plush fabrics like Pine Needle, Coral, Peacock, Pearl, Cashmere, and other luxurious materials. Explore our high-quality knitting machine for superior results in the textile industry.
Welcome to our High Speed Open Width Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Factory. We offer a range of machines with a diameter ranging from 26 to 44 inches, gauge options from 16 to 32, and 52 to 83 feeders. Our machines excel in seamless fabric processing, ensuring high efficiency and top-quality results. Explore our advanced knitting technology for all your fabric production needs.
High-Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Provider: We offer a wide range of high-speed double jersey circular knitting machines with diameters ranging from 8 to 44 inches, gauges from 6 to 40, and feeders options of 16 to 88 or 106. Our machines are capable of producing interlock fabrics, elastic health cloth, twill, air layer, double mesh, and high-class men's or women's apparel, among other products. Choose our knitting machines for efficient and precise knitting operations.
Double Jersey Jacquard Knitting Machine Supplier: Our fully electronic Rib Transferred knitting machine is designed to meet your needs. With a diameter range of 26-38 inches and a gauge of 12-22, it offers versatility in producing high-quality knitted fabrics. Operating at a speed of 12-18 R.P.M with a powerful 5.5W motor, this machine ensures efficient and precise knitting. Trust our reliable supplier for your knitting machine requirements.
Manufacturer of Jacquard Circular Fabric Knitting Machine: Double Jersey, 26-42 Inch Diameter, 12-32 Gauge, 1.6 Feeders per Inch. Fully electronic and computerized for efficient operation. Explore our range now!