Automatic Double Jersey Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

Key Specifications / Features

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Manufacturer of Jacquard Circular Fabric Knitting Machine: Double Jersey, 26-42 Inch Diameter, 12-32 Gauge, 1.6 Feeders per Inch. Fully electronic and computerized for efficient operation. Explore our range now!
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Detail Infomation

Product: Double Fully Electronic Computerized Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Computerized Jacquard, Automatic Knitting, Double Jersey

Description: Factory 20 Years Experience Double Full Electronic Jacquard Fabric Circular Computerized Automatic Knitting Machine

Diameter: 26 - 42 Inch
Gauge: 12 - 32 Gauge
NO.of Feeders: 1.6 Feeders/Inch
Available Material: Clothing, sheet, pillow towel, fabrics for children, mattresses and other home textiles, etc.


The design and structure of this jacquard machine are fully equipped with advanced electronic capabilities. Both the dial and cylinder sides are electronically controlled, allowing for an expanded potential in pattern creation and construction. Notably, the dial needles are able to knit the pattern electronically, adding to the machine's versatility. This breakthrough opens up a wide range of exciting possibilities, making it ideal for creating the latest fashion trends, home textiles, and even mattresses. Additionally, this machine effectively addresses the compatibility challenges between dial and cylinder selection systems, making it easy to learn and operate.

Packaging Details

Wooden Packing, International Standard Exportable Seaworthy Packing.
Port: Xiamen, CHINA
Lead time: 35-45 days

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