Electronic Single Jersey Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

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Discover a trusted supplier of Jacquard Circular Knitting Machines offering a wide range of options. Our collection includes Single Jersey, Fully Electronic, Computerized machines with a diameter ranging from 26 to 42 inches and 12 to 32 gauge. With 2.4 Feeders per inch, we ensure precision and efficiency in your knitting projects. Explore our selection today!
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Detail Information

Product: Single Fully Electronic Computerized Fishnet Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine, Circular knitting machine, Computerized Jacquard, Fishnet Knitting, Single Jersey

Description: Factory 20 Years Experience Single Full Electronic Fishnet Jacquard Fabric Circular Computerized Automatic Knitting Machine

Diameter: 26 - 42 Inch
Gauge: 12 - 32 Gauge
NO.of Feeders: 2.4 Feeder/Inch
Available Material: Pure cotton, chemical fiber, blend, silk and artificial wool, etc.


The machine distinguishes itself from typical jacquard machines by utilizing computerized selectors for needle selection within the cylinder. It employs a 2-way technique of knit, tuck, and miss, allowing for the creation of fabric with diverse patterns without any limitations. This feature not only enables the production of intricate fabric designs but also saves time when switching patterns. By employing a computerized pattern preparation system, any complex fabric pattern can be converted into a special control command that guides the selectors in creating jacquard fabric.

To incorporate the most advanced micro-processing technology, the control system integrates an electronic computer processing system and computerized selectors within the machine. The machine is equipped with touch LCD display screens, simplifying operation, conserving space, and ensuring cleanliness.

No specialized software is required for graphics; common software applications can be used. Any fabric design or pattern can be scanned or programmed and inputted into computers for editing. The WAC Designer facilitates the conversion of these designs into needle selecting programs, which can then be saved on a USB and executed on the machine.

Packaging Details

Wooden Packing, International Standard Exportable Sea worthy Packing.
Port: Xiamen, CHINA
Lead time: 35-45 days

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