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High Speed Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Maker: Choose from a diameter range of 6 to 44 inches, with gauge options of 14 to 44. Equipped with 18 to 176 feeders, offering a choice of 3 or 4 feeders per inch. Features 4 track cams for efficient operation. Find the perfect high-speed single jersey circular knitting machine for your needs.
High-Speed Double Jersey Circular Knitting Machine Provider: We offer a wide range of high-speed double jersey circular knitting machines with diameters ranging from 8 to 44 inches, gauges from 6 to 40, and feeders options of 16 to 88 or 106. Our machines are capable of producing interlock fabrics, elastic health cloth, twill, air layer, double mesh, and high-class men's or women's apparel, among other products. Choose our knitting machines for efficient and precise knitting operations.
Double Jersey Jacquard Knitting Machine Supplier: Our fully electronic Rib Transferred knitting machine is designed to meet your needs. With a diameter range of 26-38 inches and a gauge of 12-22, it offers versatility in producing high-quality knitted fabrics. Operating at a speed of 12-18 R.P.M with a powerful 5.5W motor, this machine ensures efficient and precise knitting. Trust our reliable supplier for your knitting machine requirements.
Manufacturer of Jacquard Circular Fabric Knitting Machine: Double Jersey, 26-42 Inch Diameter, 12-32 Gauge, 1.6 Feeders per Inch. Fully electronic and computerized for efficient operation. Explore our range now!