Yuanda's Revolutionary Circular Knitting Machines

Yuanda's circular knitting machines are widely recognized as exceptional weft knitting machines. These machines employ closed Multi-tracks, offering versatility and multi-functionality. Equipped with knit, tuck, and miss cams, they effortlessly adapt to the ever-changing demands of the knitting fabric market. Moreover, these machines possess outstanding interchangeability, enabling the production of a wide range of top-quality fabrics, including single jersey, pique, Lacoste mesh cloth, double-face fleece, velvet, and more.

With the integration of spandex devices, Yuanda's circular knitting machines become even more versatile, capable of creating various high-quality spandex fabrics. The fabrics produced by these machines find applications across diverse industries such as clothing, footwear, healthcare, and homecare. Recognizing the rapid growth of the knitting industry, Yuanda continuously pushes the boundaries of circular knitting machine development. Their focus lies in achieving multi-type functionality, high-speed operation, enhanced efficiency, automation, and a comprehensive product series.

In the face of intense competition within the circular knitting machine market, our company recognizes the importance of skilled technicians who can consolidate years of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. By leveraging this expertise, we proudly manufacture a range of high-quality circular knitting machines. These machines undergo rigorous international authentication, guaranteeing that all technical parameters meet the highest standards. As a result, our machines consistently deliver exceptional performance, positioning them at the forefront of the global market.

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