A cirucular knitting machine manufacturer offering high value for money and customization.

It is common knowledge that traditional circular knitting machines have entered a mature product cycle. Yuan Da has long been committed to providing excellent circular knitting machines of a consistent quality at an affordable price in what is an extremely competitive industry. Our customized service and agile management style allow us to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring the satisfaction of both the customer and the company - a true win-win situation.

Business vsion:To provide the most effective and professional Circular Knitting Machines to the customer and create the most value for the customer.

Business philosophy technology makes the Brand; and Brand creates brilliance.

Business principle:Scientific management,High quality,Customer first and Sustainable improvement.

Business purpose:Quality comes from profession; and Service comes from sincerity.

R&D Capacity: OEM, ODM, Own Brand(Yuan Da)

  • How to produce fabric?
    How to produce fabric?

    How to produce fabric?.
    The quality of  is guaranteed.

  • Why us?
    Why us?

    Why us?.
    To guarantee the luminous efficiency of  , its materials have undergone rigorous screening and only those that meet international lighting standards are selected.

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